MECO Show and Sale

MECO Show and Sale
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Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Id, The Ego, and a Side of Fries To Go, Please

Egos. An ego is something that is usually observed by another person, because we ourselves never think we have one. In fact, we are generally blissfully unaware of the whole thing right up until someone blunders over and manages to bruise our ego, and right at that point - at that very juncture in the time/space continuum -   we are very extremely exquisitely aware we have one, and we are equally sure who bruised us must have gotten it exactly wrong. That happened this week to me. I must say, I am good at my job as a transcriptionist. I say that with every bit of pride and without a trace of shame. I am accurate and precise, and have honed my skills over the years to such a sharp point you could use it to perform surgery (okay, maybe I am aware of a little bit of an ego). Imagine my shock, then, when I get a note back from a mere substitute, who felt that, although I transcribed 99% of what I heard correctly - I had gone and put in paragraphs where she felt I shouldn't have and to "watch it". No one had ever criticized my paragraphs before that moment.

Paragraphs, people. To me that is stretching a bit, isn't it? For a transcriptionist, there is an unwritten rule that you will have to edit and take the lead at times (as long as you are not changing the actual meaning), because if you idly wait for someone to say "paragraph" or "period. end of sentence" or "new heading", or wait for them to spell some cheery word such as  (takes a deep breath) : "Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis ", then you may be waiting for a long, long time.  In the end, it must be readable, something I absolutely obsess  about on this blog. I guess I would have been fine if there was a typographical error, or a misunderstanding of text. But paragraphs?  To be brought down by a double spaced line of blank space? Sigh. I suppose more famous authors than I have been taken down for things like no chapter headings (ala Terry Pratchett, an author who I adore) or even for strangely organized books with excruciating detail (Anything Tolkien), so I am in somewhat good company. Paragraphs, indeed. 

Today should have been a meeting day for MECO. Unfortunately our host, Member Rosemary, work up with the plague or some such, possibly a cold, and the day was called off due to a runny nose with a chance of sneeze. I was to teach a workshop today. Above are all the little packages I carefully have made up,  which will wait until the next meeting. Que sara saraas they say. 

Next week, by the way, will be exciting, I will be taking you along to the show to see what is absolutely fabulous and exciting this season! If you are in the area, please come out and join us - information is at the bottom of this blog (end advertisement). 

I did do a little catch up work, even though this day went alarmingly fast. I finally did a little finishing work on my display case, started back in September 2012, when I first sped this little vehicle down the information highway. 

Tea By the Sea in a box made by Me
 I have installed all the glass now, as well as a fabric-covered floor (foamcore). I painted the outside with a little burnt umber, because the burnt sienna was a little too bright. I did leave the burnt sienna colour alone for the glass struts on the inside, of which I do like the look. I also anchored the floor with wood pieces, which I still need to paint. Also, I am trying to figure out a lid, which has been driving me to distraction today. 

 For my Washtub Cottage, I built this little gate leg table. I think I may be at an end of the furniture I want to try from these little books, getting anxious to start the cottage proper. 

The Leg of the Table
 These patterns are for the most part very straight-forward, and amazingly well thought out, although there are the occasional ones you have to think very logically about before pen hits paper. It took me a little reasoning to figure out where exactly to place the end points for the cross bar, although looking at it now it is obvious. What else became obvious was I had my dimensions mixed up, so this piece was later redone. 

Some of the little pieces cut out - top is the brace, left lower is the gate leg (of which I made 2) and right lower is the table with the leafs (leaves?)

 Part of the pattern called for a hole to be punched in the brace at certain points, and a pin drawn through to be part of the structure. This is a brilliant suggestion made by the author - use an eraser underneath your paper. The pin went through like a hot knife through butter. 

 The pin was pushed through the holes, and glued. Later, the excess pin was removed carefully. 

 Once the pieces were painted, the table was assembled. 

 The above is what happens when you don't want to wait for paint to dry properly. Although I kind of like this beat up look to the table. 

 The table looking to the under work. Theoretically, this could have had the gate legs open on both sides. I left one side down

 Switching gears again, I worked on my "Secret Garden", a kit I bought several shows ago from now Member Sherrill (I believe this is an original design from her). This was a great little kit, although I admit to a little creation block - it sat looking like this for several months. I also realized, after looking at the original, I have the door on the wrong side, darn right brain being all creative again. 

 The garden from the front. So sad when urban development is stalled, don't you think? 

The door and frame has been painted. I started with a colourful door, but then went to a more aged wood. I achieved an even older looking weathered door by adding my magical gold paint pen to the mix

 My garden now has a door! 

 Look at that gold pen trying to get in on the action again! I started by building my path and deciding where my grassy knolls were to go.

Adding a little green space to the outside, with ground cover. 

The green spaces on the inside.

This is the package that was supplied to me with the kit - much dried flower material, along with small bits of the foam the railroaders use to make small bushes and such.

I have had these park benches 4-EV-R. Okay, a decade. I know I was still married at the time.  Probably over a decade, come to think of it. I think I may have gotten them from our one time dollhouse and railroader store, now lost to the sands of time

The little bench, being put together. As you may be able to tell, there was white glue involved. I think part of the reason I avoided this park bench so long was because I didn't want to use super glue - it smells, and I tend to attach myself to random things in the house at alarming frequency when I use same, no matter how careful I am. The white glue seemed to hold, although that was because it is so small. Something bigger would have needed a glue better suited to the job. I am just glad I am not stuck to the phone or whatever at the moment. 

The garden is shaping up. I know for a fact Sherrill included something to make a bird bath. I believe it involved a sequin. Could not find same. So I made a gazing feature - a bead, with an acrylic bling glued on, and I have to say I am liking what I did.  I will still hunt for those directions for the bird bath, however. I had the little charm on the wall from another project  - I often see these big plaques on garden walls and quite like them.

Outside, I have landscaped a little. The light pole is quite ingenious. That is a turning, with a bead on top. Instant interest!

The garden with the wall put around it. I also did a little "sand" path to the bench, as you see in gardens of this type.That is actually my favourite area of a garden, that cute little bench in the hidden grotto, so you can sit and take it all in. 

 A bit sharper picture at a slightly different angle. 

Looking up towards the street door.

Reluctantly, we leave the garden - the mad landscaper was at it out here too - I couldn't leave the lamp post alone, it was just too bare. In looking at the door, I wonder if there is a way to get an over head light as well...hmmmm. 

And that is it for our Sunday repose. Next week, as mentioned, will be the exciting and much anticipated show and sale! I can't wait, can you? 

Until next time, my little charms, a video on how to make a spring time favourite, the crocus. Enjoy! 


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