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MECO Show and Sale
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Sunday, 2 June 2013

If All Else Fails, You Can Blame it On Me...

It occurred to me today, some people just have a knack of avoiding trouble. A really uncanny, almost supernatural knack.  Not that they don't cause trouble,  mind you, but are like protagonists in an adventure movie - you know the one, the big guy you can't take down with any weaponry known to Hollywood kind,  who just casually strolls away from an explosion while world behind him or her is in massive chaos, and nothing bad happens to them.

Well, theoretically, anyway. Some people are just lucky, admittedly when - after  having accidentally caused a crisis - manage to not be in the vicinity of those who mete out the justice (for example,  the boss comes in screaming about something, and wanting to scream AT something or someone, and who ever happens to be standing close enough to the mess gets their nose rubbed in it.) Others...well others have created the trouble, knowing full well that someone was going to be kept accountable, although they are not going to let it be them. This person seems to always make sure that they do this sort of thing on a late Thursday afternoon and manage to take the Friday off, so whoever is covering for them then takes the full brunt of the anger. Of course, by Monday, the anger is two days stale, and has dissipated somewhat, and not surprisingly who ever is doing the yelling won't have that edge any more, and the person can merrily spin it for their own ends. 

In short, these people are jerks, although they would be aghast if they were told this because they see themselves as guiltless pawns in a higher game of checkers (or whatever that game is you play with pawns). Often,  in their mind, they are untouchable, above contempt and above suspicion. Sadly, that is quite true in a lot of cases, because they can make the world revolve in the way they need it to go - again, they are jerks. Personally, I have never been able to manage to not be standing open-mouthed when the "midden hits the windmill", as Terry Pratchett is fond of saying.  I am also not someone who can fight the good fight either, in the spoken word, so often I am bulldozed by a triumphant angry-o-teer as they point at my obvious blame. Well, wasn't good, anyway. I do tend to fight back more than I used to, although sometimes it is delayed. I do wish, however, that I was the type of person who could do a belly flop into a pigsty and come out looking cleaner than when I went in, but until that bit of luck kicks in I suppose I just have to tough it out and carry on. 

Anyway, this week I can kick back and not have to worry if anything goes wrong, because if it does, it is my fault and ... well... I can be very forgiving to the right person.  Not a lot was done this week, as it seems if I don't get my weekends I am fighting to gain ground for the rest of the week. I did do a few things on the Washtub cottage, however. 

As you recall, I was applying clay to the outside of my structure, and had gotten the sides done. This week I started the facade. I am not so sure I like this, I hope when it is done it looks better.  After I had done all the pieces, I kind of wished that I had used the ripped egg carton method of stone work, that just seems  to look better. 

Here is the facade, painted. I was going for white mortar, but of course the whole thing was painted. Unfortunately, the wood warped, and now my facade is too short on the sides - can wood shrink? I haven't a clue. I will have to figure out a plan to make that less noticeable later. One very important tip when painting thin wood - make sure both sides of the wood get wet. Secondly, this painting, as I found out later, goes much better if you use a cosmetic sponge instead of a paint brush. There is much more control. 

Here is the side with a base coat. Liking this much better. I really should stick to bricks, I am much better at straight lines than at chaos. 

Here is the second coat, the "brick" colour, added to the sides, and the contrast of what I did in front. 

Here is the side with the distressing coat - the front and side aren't "matching" in this picture, but it is more because of the camera angle. On a side note, I did learn how to take mug shots today, apropos to nothing. 

This is the front porch being built. The boxes on either side mean nothing, I am a natural <fill in the blank> hair colour, and I defy anyone to argue. 

These are the chimneys in their raw form. These are wrapped in clay, and the pattern is pushed in like the exterior walls. 

The chimney, without the chimney cap or the "pots". The chimney pots are clever, they are push pins with the pin part removed. Note to self, buy push pins.  I can't do much in this stage but watch things dry. 

The second chimney, covered. Note how fast things are drying. This is on a rainy day, imagine what would happen in a month when the heat really takes off! In the background, the completed porch structure. 

Voila, the porch covered with clay. Sadly I am getting better at putting the markings on as I go,  just in time to be finished  - the porch is the last structure I have to cover in clay. It isn't looking too horrendous (and that is all we can ever ask). It is a very old structure, melted and eroded over time. The porch of course will get a paint treatment once it is dry. My next step is to make the pavement out front, and start on my roof! Once that is in place, the only thing left is to glue in partitions and such, and start decorating. 

That honestly was all I had energy  to do this week. Hope you enjoyed the foray into madness. Happy June, and to celebrate a new month, have a cinnamon roll and a cocoa!

Until next time, my lovelies...

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