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MECO Show and Sale
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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Happy Labor Day!

Possibly Labour. Spelling is always a game and a half, and it always depends on which country you call home. Canadians like to mix it up a bit anyway just to annoy people, using a little American Version, and a little BritishVersion ... its naught for nothing we like to call ourselves a mixed salad country. Anyway, what ever day it is to you, hope you are having a happy one! There is definitely a fall feeling in the air today, of the very earliest kind. I noticed shadows far too early today over a neighbor's outbuilding, and there is a hint in the air of the on-coming season. Not cool Mother Nature, not cool. 

It has been a hectic week, and the last few days I have had a chance to relax a little before things rev up again. I was given a bookshelf from work, one that had outlived its usefulness, and was just in the way there (to hear certain of my coworkers tell the tale, anyway). This was serendipity, as I was looking for a few more storage ideas, and free and useful are always music to my ears. The only thing I needed to do, and there is always one catch of course, was to find  the little dohickeys that support the shelves, which had somehow disappeared from the bookshelf in our big move a few years ago (although the shelves themselves were present and accounted for, which means someone took it upon themselves to remove the hardware, for what I can only assume was for evil and mischief,  or possibly it was donated to a charity, as a lot of things disappeared in the name of charity as well, but I digress).  Back to the shelf thingies - easy right? Well, of course you have to find them in the gigantor box stores that pass for hardware stores, when you don't actually know what the little thingamajiggers are actually called - for laughs, go in to a hardware store and ask for a thingamajigger, and watch the floor clerk break down into uncontrollable sobs.... ah, good times, good times! Lucky for them I was in a generous mood, so after  little googling for  the name - they are called "shelf pins" - I went forth to find them. In one store, I asked a clerk where I might be directed, and I was ushered to "Area 51". Really. "Area 51". 

At first they denied all knowledge of the coveted shelf pins, but I knew the truth was out there, and my detective skills ruled the day and I tracked the little daleks down.  They were not the ones I had hoped for, and I needed to drill out the holes in the book shelf to make them fit. Which meant I needed a decent drill. And some bits. I did mention, free bookshelf, right? Happily everyone - including hardware stores selling drills and bits - are currently having back to school sales, so I got a heck of a deal. 

I rushed home and drilled some holes, swearing gently when I realized the actual horsepower even a cheap drill can have as it pulled me unexpectedly toward oblivion, and congratulating myself on my handyman-like prowess as I plugged in the pins.

Sadly, I hadn't accounted for the thickness of the shelf pin. The shelf could not, would not clear the back of the pin, sam I am. Sitting on top of the pin like this, surprisingly,  does not make for a  structurally sound shelf, so it was back to the drawing board and  hardware store, which is okay because I realized I needed some other goodies - um - supplies anyway. 

Okay, muuuuch better. All ready to be packed full of mini goodness! 

Once that was done, it was on to some projects. I worked a little on my wine cellar, because I got my box of goodies from Karen Benson  that I had ordered a couple of weeks ago and I could proceed again with extreme prejudice. 

Nothing better than a box of goodies to get one in a good mood! I decided I needed to make my 1/4 inch scale double wine barrel holder. 

Karen Benson "The Quarter Source"
Nice, right? She even had little spiggots for the barrels!  

These are all the little bits and bobs that I needed to complete the kit. She recommends wood glue for these kits. I had a choice between fast drying and "regular" (fast drying being 10 minutes, "regular" is 25). However, one uses so little glue that it is better to have the longer drying time, otherwise by the time you apply glue to the last joint (and there were several joins in this piece of furniture) that the first joint has already dried. Well played, glue. Well played. She also recommends to stain the wood first if you want it stained, and to use a stain maker. These come in a wonderful variety of colors and keep the mess down beautifully. I chose "Provincial", because I thought it sounded like something you would find in a wine cellar. 

All the lovely bones. I put a sequin in to show you relative size, although I suppose you can see from the marked mat how tiny this is - but I like sequins, they are like solid glitter...mmm, glitter.

The pieces, stained. I did like the "Provincial", it was what I had in mind (and I understand that is one of the signs of the Apocalypse, but we will worry about that if we start to hear hoof beats).  The marker made quick work of the pieces, and my fingers were only barely stained (oh oh, another sign!). While the stain dried, I started on my barrels. 

This was the tricky bit, as the plastic wasn't truly interested in taking the paint well. I did have to play around a little to get the colors I wanted, and  I eventually went back to my sharpie collection and my trusty gold pen, and thus I was happy.

Starting construction.  I can highly recommend Karen's kits. These pieces went together like a charm! The fiddly bit came when I had to add the second strut onto the spacers, but that was a work of a minute and a little sleight of hand with the tweezers. 

I kind of liked the barrel holder without the trim, it was a little more rustic looking. I did carry on, however, and trim it completely. 

Apropos of nothing, it is interesting how different the stain looks in a slightly different light. 

Look at that tiny spiggot! She pre-cut the dowel, which was threaded onto a little hole in the flat part of the spiggot. Perfect fit! O-M-G. I can definitely hear hoofbeats now! 

My version of the barrel holder, complete...

and in the cellar. I have had a change of heart of what I wanted my wine holders to be. I felt they were a little dark and "cheap" looking, so I got my trusty gold pen out and lightened them up a bit. By the way, I found that this is called a honeycomb. Who knew? Well, obviously not me until I looked it up. 

I was feeling that my box needed a little light, especially over the stair case, so I removed a small bit of the roof. I am hoping to find a light source, and I will create a little box on top to hide it all.

I stopped there, as I don't like to do too much on one project, lest I start to get impatient and start making design choices that are going to come back at me later and cry "why!"

 These are the wee bottles that I bought from Karen. They are actually laser cut plastic, and once the brown paper is off they will look like glass. They come with wee labels as well.  I will save them, however, until I get the rest of the architecture finished. 

Last but certainly not least, I have been doll making again. I think making these dolls could be addictive. Red hatted girl, I think is named Penelope. She looks like a Penelope, anyway.  To her left is her friend Miranda. She isn't quite finished - she needs a hat, possibly some sunglasses, and she may be missing a phone, which I will sculpt later on. 

As it is September 1st, and as this time of year always makes me think of apples, I thought you would enjoy a little tutorial on how to make apples! If you prefer PC's, I totally understand. 

Hope your "official" last weekend of summer brings you fond memories, and we will talk soon! 

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