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MECO Show and Sale
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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Just Monkeying Around

Humans are creatures who will only change if there is drama or trauma involved. This was said by me, but has some physics backing to it as well. We tend to follow the rule of "a body in motion tends to stay in motion" (Real Science People!) , and a change in course is a big production and often met with "but we do it this way, we have always done it this way, so we should always do it this way!"  The problem is, if this thinking had continued on in history, we probably would have still been picking bugs off each other's backs somewhere up in the trees. Granted, there seems to be a segment of society that fantasizes about going back to this, but I have to tell you - tree branches aren't comfortable, I would rather sleep in my bed,  and bugs can stay the heck outside if they don't want to have my shoe being the last thing on their minds, thank you very much. I guess what I am saying is, eventually someone had to fall out of a tree and say "hey, guys? this isn't so bad".

...and that would be me. There has been a rather large change being implemented at work lately, and people are starting to feel that they should scurry up to the branches to safety, in case the tiger of the unknown is on the prowl. Being the cheeky little monkey I am,  I am on the ground looking to information as my main weapon - the more you know, the more you learn, the better prepared you are to defeat the tiger.  Hopefully the other little monkeys see the wisdom in my ways, and come down soon, because really, things are never as dire as they seem. Well, almost never.

So, with the above in mind, it has been a rather busy week, although  more in terms of work than in minis, but since Jack does not live by work alone, I spent the better part of the day building my beach hut. Granted, that included a trip down to the art store to pick up some supplies (such sacrifice!), because of course I have 7000 pieces of wood, and absolutely no one piece was the right size or shape. Yeeha. Once back, however, I started on this...

I had a second choice as well, one of Joanne Swanson's offerings, an ice shack that had good dimensions. I chose, of course, the one that was going to be more fiddly, because that is just who I am. This is an interesting build, because I haven't done stick building in a structure before.

 I started with the planked floor, which is matboard and the planks are drawn out and scored. Eventually I will have to finish this, preferably before I get too far on the structure. 

 Cutting the wall frames...

Setting up the frames, with my handy dandy square. You know I am serious when I use math tools. 

One of the end peak pieces.

I did my best to centre this roof piece, and it looks centered, but once I got it on my structure it doesn't look quite right. I might have to make this over...again. It happens. 

Gluing the peak to the frame. 

Sigh, you can really see the gap. Mike Holmes would not be amused. 

The girls are gathered by the structure, they can't wait! My dolls keep getting bigger, I am not sure why - although the last one was modelled on an art drawing figure, so that might be the reason. 

That is pretty much where I got to today. Next week, it is NAME Minis Day, so I should have a lot more excitement as we build our project, as hoards of other miniaturists do the same. 

Until next time, my cheeky little monkeys!

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