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MECO Show and Sale
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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey

L- R W. Hartnell, P, Troughton, John Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Chris Eccelston, David Tennant, Matt Smith

Well, the much anticipated and speculated about 50th Dr. Who special is now a week past - or perhaps somewhere in the future, depending on  where you are in the time stream - and I have to say, well done Steven Moffat and the amazing performances of Who-ville. I wasn't even that upset about Billie Piper being inserted in so uncerimoniously, but then again she didn't quite play the simpering "its all about me" companion, but the way cooler "Bad Wolf bomb interface" persona, which fits into my Whoniverse so much better.  I am not sure what will become of the canon now that John Hurt is part of it all, and whether we are actually considered up a Doctor  (Paul McGann ended up being the 8th with only one questionable movie attempt at a reboot in the 90's)  but that will all become apparent, or has become apparent..."Who" knows? (see what I did there?).

Sometimes I do identify with the Doctor a bit more than I should (I know, you are saying "really? We wouldn't have guessed" but yes, yes it is true), far more than the companions he travels with - especially lately when I seem to have a work space that is bigger on the inside, I am running around with my own equivalent of a sonic screwdriver saving my equivalent of the planet,  and have even been (re)generating quite a bit this month with the initiation of a marvelous device of a paperless office. I must say, I have embraced a paperless office with a full frontal bear hug. For one thing, I don't sneeze as much (paper fibres and dust allergies being a hazard in your paper-based office), and for another I am not buried under mounds of physical paper, which is something that can get a girl down at times. However, the dark side of that moon is that people look at a clean desk and think you aren't working hard enough and want to give you more just on principle - suddenly piles of work are all theory...I might resort to fake documents in fake charts,  just until those who are not quite used to the whole dimensional shift yet have time to acclimate. This has left me a tad tired and finger sore, trying to catch up with work, while saving the universe in general. There is a reason why there aren't many of us time lords lurking about, and why we tend to hide when we can.

Anyway, I continue to make inroads on my little recreation of Mondorf at Christmas time. Most of the buildings are done, although there is a church with many buttresses that will be entertaining but as of yet uncut. What I worked on this week was my wee Christmas stalls. These were interesting in that they had an insert to give the shop a little depth. 

This is one of the little stalls - I made 5 in total, but they were all pretty much the same structure. The base was cut out and scored, the window excised. 

I found it easier again to put the insert in before I glued the tabs down - certainly from this picture one can see just how small the space is. 

The insert prepared. Really quite impressive detail given its overall size. 

The insert - well - inserted.  Tabs were glued, and a roof added and/or a garland attached.

Rinse and repeat 5 times. Can you not just smell the sugar cookies, the breads, and the cakes? Can you just not wait to explore those stalls to see what Christmas treasures are waiting for you? Me neither! Dangit, now I am hungry and I want to shop...le sigh.

One of the smaller trees, because apparently I wanted to perfect the tree in the tiniest scale imaginable before I tackled the (most likely) easier bigger version because otherwise where is the challenge? One of those squares is an inch by an inch, just to give you an idea of how tiny this wee tree was. I had to quit at two trees, although there is a 3rd waiting to be built - it isn't technically "that" hard, but does take a bit of patience and understanding, which was starting to ebb away a little by the 2nd tree. Never push yourself to keep going with a project if you just aren't feeling it, because nothing ruins a project faster than rushing about and making a mistake, and I will tell you this for a fact - the trees have no mercy (- obscure line from a "Classic Who" episode - trust me, there are Whovians who are rolling around on the floor laughing so hard they can't breath...)

Here is the little village square so far. I have one small tree, one large tree, a church and possibly a very strange piece of artwork to finish. I haven't quite decided what to do with the base - they have supplied me with one, but I wonder if I could find something big enough to do a version of this...

These, by the way, are available (at least the paper kits, not the clear ornament) at Paper . Definitely a site to check out if you like using paper minis, but don't want to have to do the scaling and printing of these things yourself. She also offers - with a subscription to her newsletter - freebee printies. 

Anyway, I am thinking something like that. I might have a water globe that is big enough for my Mondorf, we will have to see. Still thinking a tiny Tardis might find its way in - the Doctor has a soft spot for Christmas, you know. 

To Celebrate 50 years of Who, and just in case you want to put a tiny Tardis in to your scene and have all your Whovian friends swoon with jealously, I have found for you today a Tardis charm to make - alons-y! 

Until we meet again, my dear Companions - you have been Brilliant! 

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