MECO Show and Sale

MECO Show and Sale
2016 Show & Sale will be the Saturday 14th May 2016 held at the Peachland Community Centre in Peachland BC. contact person Barb Janes-Yeo at 250-757-2842

Friday, 25 September 2015

Here I am, rocking like a Hurricane!

The biggest hassle with today's technology is keeping track of one's passwords. Everywhere you go, you need one. I don't have as many keys on my keychain as I do passwords, and there are more doors locked with my cleverness than ones unlocked at the moment. My fault, I fall for that intoxicating lure of  "you can get all the good stuff from our site if you only join, make a password and you are in!", which I do, and promptly forget I was interested in the site in the first place and never go again, unless of course I go surfing again and come across it by accident, vaguely remembering I joined and then I desperately plug in my database of secret words until it locks me out.  Seems a little juvenile, does it not? Really,  I feel like I am back in the heady days of being a kid trying to get into some other kids uber cool  "fort" (read ramshackle structure we are lucky didn't fall in on itself and kill us all), and the only thing that kept you from Narnia was a darn arbitrary password that was held by that grubby little tosser who wasn't going to let you in anyway. Nowadays, to make a password, they get all tricksy on you too- gone are the days when you could plug in 1234 - apparently the super criminals are on to that one. Now, they want 8 characters (but less than 16), mix of capitals and lower case, plus a number and/or a symbol, it can't be one that you have used in the last 6 months and can't be the same one as you use for a companion site, and you have to get special authority from the Vatican to use it. Oh it sounds clever, it sounds like it will keep people out and you will be safe from all the evils of the world, but it usually only keeps one person out, namely you, because durn if you didn't forget that you were using the "at"  symbol for an "A", or you weren't supposed to use a space just there, and you get locked out and have to call special access number to unlock your account. Ah, the price of technology (which usually is sanity plus a goodly chunk of patience).

Anyway, obviously, I have figured out my password to get back into THIS site. Or at least figured out how to change it. Probably should write it down somewhere....nah.

Anyway, to keep you amused, a few pictures from the last show and sale in 2015. Please check out the information for next year's event!

This first mini is a design by Ruell, who is a South Okanagan Miniature Enthusiast. She did this homage to Johnny Depp, which is fabulous. I like my angle on the picture it so it looks like Johnny is shopping at our show (although he looks like he is late for something).  I like to think he would would like my camera angle as well.

 The big thing in the last couple of years has been the fairy/gnome garden. the plant shops will sell you the real deal for plants, but if you have a rather black thumb like mine, you needn't go to the extreme of trying to keep anything alive, there are options.

 Another little fairy home, should we knock? Why not?

The Okanagan is rather famous for its tiny little hideaways where you can enjoy some of the world's best wines. 

 An elegant little pumpkin carriage, off to the ball. Is that Cinderella I see in the window?

When you are a small minded soul, you tend to look at everything like it is a place to set a scene. This is quite clever, and I love the colours that were used and the lighting made it very romantic.  I could totally vacation there, although I might request curtains.

Miniatures too take the ordinary, and by reducing it, make it unique. I love the little wrap around porch and garden out front.

Another interesting little structure turned miniature.

I seem to recall bugging the lady who made this to make this into a kit. Make the kit, Sherrill. Seriously.  Or just one for me. How gorgeous is this?

Not from the show, bu something I collected. I couldn't resist this two headed witch.  The afghan behind her  has since been whisked away to Australia.

Finally, my garden. Yup. One sunflower. You are asking yourself, how does she do it? How does her garden grow? Against all odds, I say ....against ALL odds.

That is all I have energy for tonight ladies and gents - until the next time I find my password!

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