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MECO Show and Sale
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Saturday, 31 October 2015

A Sad Day for MECO

Sherrill Bedu September 29, 1947 - October 29, 2015
This week, MECO lost one of its own. We say good bye to Sherrill, who lost her battle to cancer, although not before getting in a few good punches of her own, I am sure.  Our prayers and thoughts go to her family at this sad time, and we would like to let them know that Sherrill was loved for her kind heart,  as well as admired for her talent and her fighting spirit. Rest in good peace, Sherrill, you will be missed, and the stars shine just a little less bright with your passing.

I thought I would showcase a few things that I have on file to celebrate Sherrill, and I hope you enjoy my choices. 

Although she was primarily a 1/4 scale miniaturist, Sherrill made the most amazing cowboy themed items, which may be an occupational hazard when you are a native Calgarian. I purchased this western saddle from her this spring, and it is one of my favourites in my collection. The details go on forever, each component carefully thought out and painstakingly placed. I believe I have somewhere too a bridle and a hat as well, which sadly I couldn't find.

 Above, little cowboy boots - in a very soft lovely leather. 

 Sherrill made dolls as well. On the left, a beautiful Mardi Gras celebrator, and on the right, a lovely saloon girl.

 One of Sherrill's spectacular little houses.

Modern mini house. 

Above, a Michael's wooden case, reworked in classic Sherrill style. A little sitting room atop, a wine cellar below, and a tasting table off to the left.

A little shop - for some reason I only seem to have the back portion of it in my files. 

A sweet little front/back design. This is a very good example that you don't need to do a whole house in minis to get something spectacular. 

Sherrill also made the occasional kit - this one she called "secret garden", this one I put together. 
Above: I believe this train set was Sherrill's. Below: The "hatbox" container, always a crowd pleaser.  She had an uncanny knack of finding the perfect fabric in the right scale, always a challenge for the ever smaller scale modeler. 

Sherrill at one of our shows.

Thank you Sherrill, for sharing your talent and kind spirit. You will be sorely missed.

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