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MECO Show and Sale
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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Dias de Los Muertos (Day Of The Dead) Part 1

Zanzibar Trading Company Photo

Dias de Los Muertos is fast approaching (October 31 - November 2).  I have known about the custom for years of course, but being Canadian (and a small town one at that), well... it is not something I see in practice here. I knew it vaguely fell around All Saint's Day and Halloween, but this has absolutely nothing to do with the Dias de Los Muertos celebration its self, and more  to do  with the disturbingly limited number of days in the year  when any one thing can occur.  What gave me the desire to explore this fascinating custom further  was when two miniaturists (from the club  the next town over, known endearingly in my own mind as 'the gals from Penticton')  built their own Dias de Los Muertos dioramas and kindly brought their creations up to our show and sale to display. They have inspired me to strike forth and create my own as well. I must admit, the colours, the whimsy, and the beauty was what first attracted my eye, but then the left side of the brain took over, read the literature with much gusto (see link above for a summary, but also "google" it for better detail) , and was fascinated with the tradition - it definitely rivals Christmas in its complexity, and there  is significance and meaning in almost everything, which of course pleases left brain immensely.

Dias de los Muertos by Ruell
Dias de los Muertos by Judy
Day of the Dead Figurines
Aren't these pieces lovely? I haven't gotten very far with mine, I am obsessing over a figurine at the moment. I do have my box cut down, and I have a vague idea of what the interior is going to look like, but of course as always, and as is common with the average miniaturist - shiny things keep distracting me. But below is what I have so far...

 DDLM Box from the front

DDLM box from the back

Miscellaneous additions to DDLM 

As you can see, a start anyway. I will post more on this as I proceed. 

Until the next time I post, I remain yours in small ways, kind viewers. 
Zanzibar Trading Co.  photo "Sugar Skull"

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