MECO Show and Sale

MECO Show and Sale
2016 Show & Sale will be the Saturday 14th May 2016 held at the Peachland Community Centre in Peachland BC. contact person Barb Janes-Yeo at 250-757-2842

Saturday, 13 October 2012


Local Produce Stand
I love Halloween - the colors, the smells,  the costumes, the pumpkin lattes - oh, those pumpkin lattes!  Granted, the celebration has deteriorated from a perfectly good pagan ritual (recognizing the end of summer and harvest, with the serious business of warding off of various malignant entities who are attracted  by the weakening of the border between the spirit world and our own with the changing of the seasons and the lengthening of the night) into what is commonly thought of  now as a "child's event". Pfft. Next thing you know, they will be telling us that fairy tales and doll's houses are only for children too! I say if an evil spirit gets you because you refuse to put on a festive fake mustache for the poor reason you feel "silly" doing so 'cause you are all grown up , then you deserve what you get...AMIRIGHT? Can I get a Holla? ....?

Cricket chirping

Anyway.... As adults we get robbed of our whimsy too often, so join me in taking back that thrill of dressing up like a belly dancer (nee upcycled green sheer curtains from the 70's, put unwillingly on over a parka and scarf because your mother makes you, even though you think it rather spoils the overall effect), that wonderful exhilaration of running through the night making thinly veiled threats to the neighbors, doing serious accounting work  on the swag, subsequent  mad trades of hated candy for the good stuff with your little sister (who could put day traders on the NYSE  to shame), and finally hiding your well-earned treasure in your most secret hiding place, well away from siblings and parents alike who like to help you "share"....!  Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know the whole door to door begging schtick  is a  North American thing... but again ... Whimsy!

Jack O' Lantern with a Surprise

It's A Halloween Party!

Of course, with all that racket next door, the neighbors might complain....

"Muddy End" by Cate
What a Witch!
Witch of the Northern Spring by Cate
I guess there is nothing for it but to go to our local eatery and complain about her to our friends, right?

"Witchsteria Lane" by Kimi B

MMMM! I can't think of anything better than sitting in my favourite Booo-rista's establishment (yeah, I went there)  for a little witches' brew,  apples, and some good old fashioned candy and gossiping after a hard day's shopping. 
Upstairs Downstairs - Green Sock On Left Foot On Tuesday Club.

You know while we talk we will be whispering about how yes, she keeps a neat house....but does  Ms. Perfect have any secrets that she isn't telling us? 

Upstairs/Downstairs Green Sock On Left Foot On Tuesday Club.
Ah Ha!!! I knew it!! 

Esme by Cate

Well Deary, you know what they say, its always the quiet ones....bwhahahaha! 

Until next time,  my children of the night!

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