MECO Show and Sale

MECO Show and Sale
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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Meco Christmas Party!

Admit it, some of you leaned closer to the computer screen to see the rest of the photo, didn't you. Don't worry, I won't tell. 

Today was the annual MECO Christmas Party, held at a local restaurant, and a good time was had by all. Once again Member Rosemary put on a wonderful soiree, and no one left empty-handed, what with the annual Christmas swap, door prizes, and personal gifts. 

We welcomed a new member in today, which was exciting as well.  

Setting Up Shop

 That is Rosemary, setting up the tables. She even had a take home gift at each place setting, and Christmas crackers for our delight. Never let it be said that miniaturists don't know how to set up a party! 

Seated For Lunch and Gossip

Here we all are, waiting for the harried but wonderful staff to come down with our lunches. I am the one behind the camera (waves from behind you - ha- caught you,  again, you looked!

 This is just a sampling of the swag we got, and this was before the swap even began.  The little card is more than just a little card - cut those little ornaments out, and you have decorations for a very beautiful Christmas tree. Of course, as miniaturists, we tend to be recyclers and deconstructionists -  we see treasure and potential everywhere.  We are also always looking for something to break....What can I say  other than we are an interesting bunch.  Anyway, attached to the card is a teeny tiny little reindeer in a sleigh, who will be going into my Putzen village. Might have to do a larger Christmas diorama too - I am getting quite a collection!

What I Got!
 My swap gift (the trellis). That was from Member Barb. New Member Sherril made the sweet little checkerboard with the sunflowers. Love sunflowers! These will look wonderful with my future potting shed that I have planned, although that is a project for another day (aren't they all?).

All in all, a great party! 

In other thoughts, as I was puttering about Youtube, I came across this little video about how to shrink yourself into a miniature village scene. Hope you enjoy this little video  interlude.   

Au Revoir, mes amis, until we meet again!

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