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MECO Show and Sale
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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Still Putzen around...

Christmas House by Kimi
December 2nd already - now people are starting to feel better about the malls inundating the senses with sugar plums, candy canes, and other cuddly warm goodness. Too bad yesterday it was 10 degrees Celsius (59 or 60 F for the folks who haven't gone full frontal metric yet) and not a drop of snow. I rode around town on my bike doing my Christmas shopping, happily singing Christmas carols involving horses and snow and bells, etc., all while feeling like I could have dressed in shorts and a t-shirt  and got away with it - mind blowing, to say the least for the 1st of December.

 I continue to work on my Glitter House town. I was gifted with a cute clear plastic "candy" box, and now I can see my vision a little more clearly. This week I made a little house with a checker-board roof - sorry for the blurry pix once again. Santa really needs to get me a new camera. It should be noted that this year, I have been nice...enough. 

Lemon Drop House next to Cotton Candy Manor

Little Glitter Houses on clear candy box

Granted, this particular project just may end up giving someone diabetes, but it is a risk I am willing to take. I haven't finished the landscaping just yet, as I had to put this aside to make my swap for the upcoming club's annual Christmas Soiree.

For said swap, I decided to try my own suggestion from last week - to make a smaller Glitter House by reducing an existing pattern. I used Leslie Shepherd's plans, and reduced the gif down until the houses were about an inch tall "or so" on my word program, and printed them up on cardstock. You probably wouldn't want to go any smaller than  what I did, as I was going cross-eyed with my Optivisor (tm) glasses as it was, and every once in awhile I would be on my knees grumbling trying to locate the teeny tiny little chimney or what have you that went "poing!" out of the tweezers without the slightest provocation. I didn't care for the chimney pattern, but that was mostly because it was so small that once it was folded there was nothing left. I made my own chimney in the end, as I did with the bigger gingerbread to Glitter House conversions from last week. 

Gabled House glittered
I again accented with gesso. As the windows were too tiny to get in and decorate (being less than 1/4 inch tall) I put glue over them, to give them a "window glass" appearance.I added a tiny fence this time round, a little ice covered walk, and a little snow covered tree for the front yard. Not visible are the tiny sparkly shrubbery at the front of the house under the windows.

The finished house
And there you have it. Sorry for the decent picture. I don't know what happened this time.  Maybe the camera heard me threatening its very existence, I am not sure. Anyway, a little 1 inch "or so" Glitter House, landscaped, a clear indication of what happens when you leave me alone for extended periods of time with 20 colours of glitter.

I might go in and put a tiny wreath on the door, if I get festive later, we will see. Lesley Shepherd at has several little structures, one could make a whole town. I might try that, when my eyes uncross. I am also feeling like a glitter Tardis might make an appearance as well, you never know. 

With that, I will bid you adieu, and leave you to your own devices. Until next time, my little elves! 

1/4 inch scale Christmas in a small box by Kimi

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  1. cool! I have written to Rosemary and asked about her little ginger bread patterns. I too have wanted to do some Glitter houses but once again did not happen this year. Will try for 2013 and hope that it happens. Love your houses. Enjoying looking at this blog. Keep it up and soon you will be getting comments. We blogger love our comments right? Judy in Penticton